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X’mas wreathe, swag lesson: Only winter season

Flower Arrangement Lesson

junnette 花教室

現在、Covid-19 感染拡大防止の為、レッスンはオンラインで催行しています。  

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Which lesson would you like to take ?  

Bouquet  ?  Composition ?  Objet ?

You can see our arrangements (Bouquets, Compositions, Interior Objets) on instagram.

Which class would you like to take ? 

Basic Class

for all level

Price: 150 euros 

Advanced Class

for PRO. or the person already with good skills

Price: 180 euros

Each lesson at atelier is organized for 1 to 4 adults max. 

TVA 20% is included.

10h00 - 12h30

14h00 -16h30

In the morning

Visit the Rungis market 

10h00 - 12h30

14h00 -16h30


2 Day-program 

Visiting Rungis Market & 1 Lesson


1 Lesson at atelier



Rendez-vous Early morning(6h30) 11h30

- Visit the professional flower market of Rungis

- Breakfast at Café, Rungis

- Shopping at 3 wholesalers(free-time 1h30)


200 euros with Basic Lesson

230 euros with Advanced Lesson

Visit the Rungis market, Breakfast, 1 lesson are included in the price.



Cash, Credit card(Visa, Master, AMEX), Apple-pay, PayPal

If you visit the Rungis market …

You will have a Free-time for shopping at 3 wholesalers of decoration items. Specially good opportunity with professional prices. 

Payment at the wholesalers : Cash, Credit card(Visa, Master

The cancellation and the charge

More than 7 days before the date of lesson: No charge

Less than 7 days before the date of lesson: 20% of the full amount

The day before or The day: The full amount

We are always pleased to provide you any additional information.

Composition ? 

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